About Us

The Varela group was founded in 1969 by Mayte and Manual Varela who had moved from Orense to settle in Barcelona. They took charge of the establishment at the meeting of Via Augusta and Carrer Brusi where they commenced their professional career before later setting up in Plaça Molina.

In 1994 Jose Varela opened “Gilda La Reina de la Tapa” in the former Via Augusta and Carrer Brusi location, where all his genius and excellence as a chef and restaurateur flourished.

In 1997 they opened La Taverna del Born, a large venture in the Born district; it was on this adventure that Mayte joined the family restaurant business. 

In 2007 the “Gilda” period came to a close, making way for El Cuévano Platillos i Vins.

In 2008, with the opening of Casa Varela, they opted to return to the origins of fine cuisine with a wider range and with the same excellence as always.